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A Great Mother’s Day Present

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NJ 13 - Mom loves this bag - Paisley Pink - PCDon’t bore mom with the same gifts she always gets. Candy, cards and flowers are nice but are often gone in a day and leave mom with just a card to remember her special day. This year why not surprise mom with a stylish and practical carryall bag from HDS MEDALLION®?  If your mom uses a medical mobility device due to age, a debilitating condition or for recovering from an injury, then a distinctive carryall bag will be the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

When mom gets older it’s harder to move around and many senior women depend on walkers, power chairs and wheelchairs to get about. Even if mom isn’t a senior she may have a condition that makes walking difficult or is recovering from a surgery such as hip replacement that will require the use of a medical mobility device. Instead of settling for drab medical bags let mom show off her personality with colorful and creative carryall bags from HDS MEDALLION®.

Designed to fit on almost any medical mobility device including manual wheelchairs, power chairs and medical scooters, the carryall bags make it easy for mom to have all her personal belongings with her when she travels. Available in a wide selection of styles, from urban chic to country charm, the distinctive carryall bags from HDS MEDALLION® will not only provide mom with a special Mother’s Day gift but will be used for years to come.

We want to take this opportunity to salute all the Moms out there. We saw loads of great Moms in chairs at the Expo with their kids along. In at least two instances, husbands whipped out the money to buy a Mother’s Day present for their spouses, much to their delight. We also want to acknowledge and praise all the Moms who take such good care of their children who are in chairs or strollers or other devices. Their patience, their obvious love, their humor and caring natures were wonderful to see. Bless all the Moms!

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Making the World a Better Place

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Hector Algarroba is on a mission

If you see someone in Haiti or the Dominican Republic using a wheelchair, chances are it is because of New York native Hector Algarobba.

The 58-year old supervisory engineer with real estate firm CBRE, started his own charity foundation, HHS, and works regularly with the Wheelchair Foundation and the American Wheelchair Mission to ship wheelchairs to the HHS headquarters in Santo Domingo. Algarobba flies twice a year to the Dominican Republic and always uses the time as a chance to help those less fortunate.

Algarobba originally came from the Dominican Republic and unfortunately lost both his parents in a plane crash on November 12, 2001. However, the accident did not deter Alarobba from continuing with his charitable work and to date he has done work in all 31 provinces in the Dominican Republic. When a massive earthquake struck Haiti in January of 2010, Algarobba was on the ground in less than three months with hundreds of wheelchairs for victims of the natural disaster. People would come out of hospitals to get a chair and then leave for fear of the hospital confiscating the new wheelchairs.

Later this year Algarobba will join with the national Rotary Club and the Knights of Columbus to hand-deliver another 110 wheelchairs to needy families in the Dominican Republic. To date, Algarobba is directly responsible for the give-away of over 4,000 wheelchairs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Even more impressive, Algarobba has never held a fundraiser or asked for any money. In addition to donating thousands of wheelchairs, Algarobba has also adopted a rural schoolhouse and distributed backpacks filled with school supplies to 18 schools in the country. He also plans to take 15 doctors along on his next trip to treat locals who cannot afford or do not have access to medical attention.

We salute Hector’s amazing work.

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Easter Sale Extended to April 14, 2013

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HDS MedallionSince our distinctive carryall bags have such a strong connection to spring and Easter we’ve decided to extend our special sale into April. Receive $10 off any HDS MEDALLION® carryall bags using the coupon code EASTER through Sunday, April 14th. Great for a special gift idea, our designer carryall bags are perfect for senior women and women who live with a disability or are recovering from surgery. Adjusting to life in a mobility device is never easy but we believe the transition can be made easier with the use of an HDS MEDALLION® distinctive carryall bag.

Many of our unique carryall bags feature floral designs and patterns which makes these bags ideal for spring gifts. Whether it’s for Easter, a birthday, Mother’s Day or a just a random act of kindness, loved ones will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful present. Not only do our distinctive carryall bags make getting through the day a little easier but the unique styles and colors of each well-made bag gives women an accessory that is as fashionable as it is practical.

Visit HDS MEDALLION® today to shop for your bag and be sure to use the coupon code Easter when checking out to get $10 off your purchase.

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Using our Bags

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Wheelchair BagCurrently at HDS MEDALLION® we have three unique types of distinctive carryall bags: the Premier Bags, the Classic Bags and the Demi Premier Bags. We will be introducing a 4th collection in early May at the New York Metro Abilities Expo. We call them carryall bags because each can be used for toting along personal belongings when using a walker, wheelchair, power chair or other medical mobility device.

Here is a quick look at each type of bag and how it can be used to help senior women and disabled women and girls get through their day in comfort and style.

Classic Bags – Our first product was the Classic carryall bags that attach using a Velcro-like system. We find that these bags work best on thin armed power chairs, walkers, scooters, transport wheelchairs and wheelchairs with a bar in the back you or your caretaker can reach.

Premier Bags – Our second collection launch was the Premier carryall bags and in our product testing, we found that these bags work best on the back of manual wheelchairs with handles, power chairs, scooters, tall walkers and other medical mobility devices. The Premier bags are ideal for someone who uses multiple devices since these bags are versatile enough to work on a variety of wheelchairs, walkers and power chairs. This bag can also be configured to carry as regular handbag or shoulder bag.

Demi Premier Bags – Our latest carryall bag is our smallest version and includes straps that permanently attach to the front of the bag but have adjustable length straps and close with a snaphook in the back. The Demi Premier bags work best on thin to-medium armed power chairs and on the backs of smaller wheelchairs (16” or less). They also work well for women and girls with shorter devices, even walkers.

Metro Bags – These bags are designed to handle city life on mobility devices. Their larger size helps women of all ages carry their personal belongings plus Ipads, tablets, and other electronic items in a zippered bag. Like the Premier, these bags are very versatile and work on a wide range of devices. Our initial two bags will be a unique silver and black reptile bag and a fun leopard print bag.

Each carryall bag we ship contains an instruction card in the outside back pocket but if you still need assistance visit our Use & Care section of our site to learn more about how to attach specific carryall bags to different mobility devices, contact us via email at service@hdsmedallion.com or call customer service at 1-877-646-1941.

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Clemson Wheels the Walk

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Walk & Roll in My Shoes

A faculty member and his ‘shadow’

Yesterday Clemson University took part in a special project that encourages administrators and faculty members to live a day in the life of a person with a disability to raise awareness and hopefully shape future policy. The program, called Walk & Roll in My Shoes, pairs able-bodied administrators and faculty members with students who have various disabilities.

Half the day faculty members spend time living with their student partner’s disability such as using a power chair or wheelchair and the two pair up for lunch to discuss their experience. Though many students and faculty support the program there are a few outspoken members of the Clemson faculty who claim the program only serves to reinforce stereotypes and pity towards people with disabilities.

One problem some faculty members have is that the disabled students are referred to as ‘shadows’ because of their background role. “We need to be more visible and ‘shadow’ implies a nonperson or nonentity,” Jillian Weise told Inside Higher Ed. Weise is an assistant professor of English at Clemson and also walks with the aid of a prosthetic leg. “At this moment we need to see persons with disabilities being successful and in positions of power,” she went on to say.

Despite the concerns of some administrators and faculty members, the event continues due to the fact that the overwhelming response from participating students and administrators has been positive. Dan Hoffman, Clemson’s director of paring and transportation told Inside Higher Ed that participating in the event last year was an “eye-opening event” that has helped him to give serious thought about how to make the campus more accessible for people with disabilities. “You take for granted what a lot of people go through,” Hoffman said. “Even though things are supposed to be on an equal plane, they’re not”.

As we wrote about in previous blogs, we can identify with the unforeseen obstacles faced daily by disabled people and applaud organizations who try to build additional understanding. No awareness program is ever going to be 100% endorsed by the people who are supposed to benefit from it. Those who raise concerns about the Walk & Roll in My Shoes program may have legitimate gripes, but unlike other universities that have no programs to encourage understanding towards the difficulties faced by those living with disabilities, at least Clemson is trying.

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Last Day to Save on Red & Pink Sale

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HDS MedallionOur red and pink sale is coming to an end. Today is the last day to save $5 – $10 on any of our wheelchair bags that have red or pink on it. Whether you’re looking for a fashionable carryall bag for yourself or a gift for someone who uses a walker, wheelchair, power chair or medical mobility scooter now is your chance to snatch up a stylish carryall bag and save a few bucks.

HDS MEDALLION® features a choice selection of designer carryall bags with beautiful red and pink shades. From the sassy Zebra Daisy Dot Pink to the Classic Espresso Flower Shower you’ll have no trouble finding a bag that suits your own individual style.

We now have three collections to choose from to make it easier for disabled women to find the bag that works best for their needs. Our Demi Premier Bags are the latest and have straps that permanently attach to the front of the bag, but have adjustable length straps and close with a snaphook on the back. Ideal for use on thin to medium armed power chairs and on the backs of smaller wheelchairs, these bags are fashionable and versatile.

Our Classic collection bags are perfect for thin armed power chairs, walkers, scooters, transport wheelchairs and wheelchairs with a bar in the back. Lastly, our Premier Bags work best on the back of manual wheelchairs with handles, power chairs, large scooters, tall walkers and other medical mobility devices. If you use multiple devices then this is the bag for you. It also configures to act like a regular handbag or shoulder bag.

Visit HDS MEDALLION® today to take advantage of our special red and pink discount offer

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